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Bad Boy in Washer

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09-27-2013, 06:19 PM
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  1. remmiebear
    that's so sweet, my cat is like that, he sleeps in the funniest places!
  2. lovemylittleboy
    well I will be darn what a place to sleep lol lol good snap shot !
  3. Alpha1
    He wasn't really sleeping, just investigating. Luckily he never went into the washer again, and the door is always open.
  4. Yetidog37
    Cute cat! And bad boy
  5. Alpha1
    I told him that when I took him out of there, than kissed him and sent him on his way.....he's never been in the washer since that one day. Good boy.
  6. CatMom1994
    He is a smart cat.
  7. Yetidog37
    Very smart.
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