Holly - Siberian Husky

Holly, my Siberian Husky is looking for a new "forever home". We love her and would love to keep her, but the husbands job is sending us from GA to hot desert lands and she would burn up from the temperatures!! She is an awesome family dog and is laid back, loves to run, walk and also lazy around!! Here are some pictures of her!
  1. She wanted to jump when she saw me pulling the phone out to take a pictures, my daughter lays on her like her "fluffy pillow"... so she just turns... 2 Comments
  2. She's trying to hid from the camera in her favorite "hiding spot" (by the air vent)! She thinks she is a small dog! lol 1 Comments
  3. Lazy Holly No Comments
  4. Actually caught her when she turned her head! LOL 2 Comments
  5. She just came back from a run!! 1 Comments
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