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Fluff Daddy (l) and Greta (r) relaxing on the big pillow.

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08-05-2015, 09:56 AM
Esme's family photos, etc.
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  1. Alpha1
    Lovin' your kitty cats, they look so happy and content.
  2. Esme
    Thank you
  3. lovemylittleboy
    Fluff Daddy is real getting in those z's !!! I am enjoying your photos too
  4. Alpha1
    Just had to take another peek at your Fluff Daddy since you mentioned him in that thread today. Long lush coat, handsome kitty!
  5. Esme
    Awe thank you Alpha! When we adopted from the shelter he had a lot of matted fur and burrs that we needed to get rid of...poor guy. He still gets tangles and such but that's the life of a long haired animal.
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