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09-20-2016, 11:04 AM
Esme's family photos, etc.
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  1. Yetidog37
    I love that kitten!
  2. Esme
    thank you...Lily is a gentle soul. I need to print newer photos as her fur is not that dark on her face any longer. She's a nice shade of gray but at the roots it's more white looking. When I eat breakfast she likes to hang out with me and get some tummy rubs to start her day
  3. Alpha1
    She is beautiful!
  4. Esme
    thank you
  5. Yetidog37
    Thanks for sharing these cute and pretty pictures!
  6. Yetidog37
    She's my favorite kitten that you have! Well, she looks very cute...but I don't know her personality, you do! Would you mind telling me what she is? You know like, is she a lap cat, a playful cat?
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