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Toby and Prissy

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09-20-2016, 11:04 AM
Esme's family photos, etc.
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  1. Alpha1
    Sweet friends there.
  2. Esme
    Thank you again. Those 2 are very close. This week they are all going to my regular vet to get a look over and get set up to be spayed/neutered.
  3. Alpha1
    Good luck Esme, hope all goes smooth with the surgeries.
  4. Yetidog37
    I do not know who is who but you can barely see the black one. Great shot!
  5. Esme
    thanks Yetidog and you're right that you can barely see Priss on the right laying on that cat bed. Toby is on the left. I really need to take better photos.
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