Esme's family photos, etc.

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Here are some of my favorite photos of my furry family. Plus some of my backyard visitors.
  1. One of the woodchucks that lived in the back of our yard. 3 Comments
  2. 2 touching tails and having a snooze.  Nigel (l) and Zaphod (r) 3 Comments
  3. This may look like a fight but it was actually Roscoe (L) and Esmeralda (r) playing in one of their cat trees.  He was so gentle with her (she only... 7 Comments
  4. Jake having a snooze.  At the left is the tail end of Nigel. 3 Comments
  5. Roscoe hanging out in the kitchen waiting for meal time. No Comments
  6. Maxie (front) and Trillion (back) enjoying some sunshine.  Although they have both passed away they will always be alive in my heart. 5 Comments
  7. Jake when he was a kitten.  His left foot was like that when we adopted him. Luckily it's never given him problems walking. 8 Comments
  8. Stella who was very shy and sweet.  I miss you even though you were daddy's girl. 3 Comments
  9. My Zaphod...he was my first diabetic cat.  Hard to believe he was comfortable sleeping like this. 2 Comments
  10. Roscoe having a snooze. 3 Comments
  11. My Sahara who sadly passed in Nov. 2013.  She had such lovely colors in her fur coat.  She is missed. 7 Comments
  12. Nigel...totally relaxed. 3 Comments
  13. My Daisy & Esmeralda 1 Comments
  14. Greta looking quite curious. 2 Comments
  15. This is Esmeralda and Nigel relaxing on a pillow I made for my kitties. 3 Comments
  16. Esmeralda sleeping in one of her favorite spots. 4 Comments
  17. This is Elwood & Jake as kittens.  They are litter mates and brothers tried and true! 5 Comments
  18. This was Esmeralda.  She was 16 yrs. young and sad to say she passed on Jan. 9.  She had a few heath issues along the way (missing one eye and some... 1 Comments
  19. Backyard visitors.  Momma woodchuck with 2 of her babies.  They love carrots & cabbage! 3 Comments
  20. This is my Roscoe sticking out his tongue.  He loves sitting on this sofa.  Roscoe is our oldest at 14 and very mellow. 2 Comments
  21. This is Trillion...she was our 1st cat as a married couple. 3 Comments
  22. Fluff Daddy...the baby of the group. 2 Comments
  23. My Greta 2 Comments
  24. Nigel & Roscoe in a cat tree my husband made.  Nigel (at the top) was my diabetic cat and sadly passed away in 2013.  Roscoe is now 14 yrs. young. 4 Comments
  25. Jake posing by the window. 3 Comments
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