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Bigfoot with Loki peeking from behind

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06-17-2016, 06:42 PM
Bigfoot (and Loki)
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  1. linda2147
    I'm tired of this camping stuff, I'm ready to go home!
  2. Alpha1
  3. Esme
    They both look like they had tons of fun together and need another vacation
  4. Alpha1
    They're getting another vacation. Lot of lounging around the house now and extra lovin' and treats.......for all of us really.
  5. lovemylittleboy
    Lol Lol It does look like he is saying that !!! (what Linda said)
  6. Yetidog37
    So funny love that dog! (and cat)
  7. Saav
    Loki photobomb lol!! Love them!
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