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06-17-2017, 07:26 PM
Loki 2017
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  1. Esme
    Loki has such a gorgeous face. and I don't know how he can look so relaxed on those folders but he pulls it off somehow!
  2. Alpha1
    Thanks Esme. It's amazing the positions he can be in for a long time and seem so relaxed.
  3. Eleora
    Hansom puss. His fur is like silver.
  4. Alpha1
    Thanks Eleora, it's thick and changes color as you pet him.
  5. Yetidog37
    Nice gray little cat you got!
  6. Alpha1
    Thanks Yeti, we love him!
  7. CatMom1994
    How can he be comfortable lying on those papers?
  8. Alpha1
    Just like he's comfortable lying on the books in the other photo.
  9. Yetidog37
    LOL He sure loves that place, Right?
  10. Alpha1
    He takes advantage when the drawer is open. He loves being in places of interest.
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