My pets, past and present
  1. Taking the girls out into the garden. They all got time to explore the grass and take in some natural sunlight 1 Comments
  2. Much missed past pets, Jack the gecko and Lucy the rabbit 1 Comments
  3. Amy chilling in her enclosure 1 Comments
  4. Benny snuggled up in my hood No Comments
  5. A close-up of Marley 1 Comments
  6. My lovely JD on the other side of the camera 1 Comments
  7. Magik the Cat 3 Comments
  8. Jack lost sight of his lunch 1 Comments
  9. Marley the Dog 3 Comments
  10. Amy the cheeky No Comments
  11. My much loved and much missed Cleo 1 Comments
  12. Benny the handsome No Comments
  13. JD and her reflection 1 Comments
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