Animal Photography

Animals and insects
  1. Painted Lady (Cynthia cardui) No Comments
  2. Asian Elephant No Comments
  3. Sparrow No Comments
  4. Dragonfly preparing to land on a stick No Comments
  5. Curly-tailed Lizard, Cuba No Comments
  6. Ladybird posing for the camera No Comments
  7. Rhesus Macaque posing on a rock No Comments
  8. Red Deer 1 Comments
  9. Baby Bornean Orangutan 1 Comments
  10. A tiny Jumping Spider descending from the ceiling 1 Comments
  11. A wild male Waglers Pit Viper looking out for passing frogs or rodents in the forests of Borneo No Comments
  12. Long-tailed Macaque in Cambodia No Comments
  13. Caiman Lizard 1 Comments
  14. Baby Japanese Macaque No Comments
  15. A Wood Pigeon in flight. Originally wanted to capture the clouds but the pigeon was well timed. 1 Comments
  16. Flying Ant No Comments
  17. A cockerel looking slightly evil 1 Comments
  18. Baby zebra taken at Chester Zoo No Comments
  19. No Comments
  20. Seagull in mid-flight 1 Comments
  21. California Sea Lions No Comments
  22. A very beautiful cat at the top of a mountain trail in Bukhansan National Park, South Korea No Comments
  23. Wild Rhesus Macaque in Hong Kong No Comments
  24. Two pigs enjoying the sun in Cuba 1 Comments
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