The cats

Our four cats: Pepper, Isis, Smokey, and Magnum
  1. Magnum has become a big boy~ He's overly comfortable here sound asleep. 1 Comments
  2. Isis exploring the basement rafters. 2 Comments
  3. Isis and Magnum cuddling on the chair together. 3 Comments
  4. Isis and Magnum snoozing in the sunbeams this morning 2 Comments
  5. Isis and Magnum the day we brought them home 5 Comments
  6. 'But mommy, I just want to help clean the bird cage...' 2 Comments
  7. Isis watching TV with me. No Comments
  8. Magnum and Smokey chilling on the table. No Comments
  9. Pepper-Anne at my aunt's old house No Comments
  10. Smokey hogging the heating vent 1 Comments
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