our praying mantids
  1. Sir Reginald when she was an adult. She lived for 2 months after she molted and had a mate, but unfortunately she passed away from being eggbound. 2 Comments
  2. Adult male S. limbata 1; still nameless! just came home today. He has a bit of a bent wing from transit.. oops! No Comments
  3. Adult male S. limbata 2; still nameless as well and just came home today. No Comments
  4. Adult female S. limbata. She just came home this morning and thus does not have a name yet. Any suggestions? She's two weeks into adulthood, so... No Comments
  5. This was Squiggy, an adult male H. parviceps. He passed away in late February from old age. 2 Comments
  6. Baby c. pictinipennis. He is a sub adult now, this photo is from months ago. No Comments
  7. Ghost mantis, he has molted a number of times since this photo was taken. No Comments
  8. Stagmomantis carolina nymph; unfortunately this little lady passed away from a mismolt at L6. No Comments
  9. Ootheca of an Oligonicella scudderi. Received it from a fellow hobbyist/breeder and am hoping it will be hatching into many nymphs after a few months... 1 Comments
  10. This is what an H. Parviceps (Asian marbled) molt looks like for those who may be interested. 4 Comments
  11. Sir molted on the night of the 22nd. We finally know Sir's gender as Sir has reached L5... Sir is a female. =P No Comments
  12. Sir has a soil bag and isn't about to let it go. 3 Comments
  13. General Lysandre posing for the camera. No Comments
  14. Sir Reginald, as photogenic as always. No Comments
  15. Crickets for dinner! No Comments
  16. General deciding to pop out to wait for his BB fly 2 Comments
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