Chewy my male/pet Fancy mouse.

Chewy the smallest lightest mouse I had. Died between June 2, 11pm - June 3, 6am.
  1. Chewy looks on. No Comments
  2. Chewy getting water right before being taken out to clean his cage. 1 Comments
  3. Chewy eating before his cage is cleaned. No Comments
  4. Chewy at night. No Comments
  5. No Comments
  6. chewy looks at my palm. No Comments
  7. Chewy looks at my fingers. No Comments
  8. The reason I call him Chewy. 
(His left year is partly chewed off from other mice.) No Comments
  9. Chewy looking at the camera. 1 Comments
  10. Chewy on my chair. No Comments
  11. Chewy on my chair. 1 Comments
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