My Mini Zoo

All the pics of my pets can be found in here. Enjoy!
  1. Four of the 8 new rat pups. No Comments
  2. All 8 rat babies in one photo. No Comments
  3. Above shot of all 8 rat pups, you can start to see their colors coming in. The black spots is where the dark fur will be, can't wait to see the... No Comments
  4. 'Winks' my male rat. 1 Comments
  5. Pic of one of the newborn rat pups, healthy and warm. :) 1 Comments
  6. Another pic of the rat pups born last night. No Comments
  7. Peaches and Cream, my two female breeder rats. This picture was taken when I first got them. 1 Comments
  8. 'Cream' one of my female rats. She had a pregnancy bump showing in this picture. No Comments
  9. Newborn rat litter from Cream x Winks. They were born between 2am-6am on September 20th, 2013. 1 Comments
  10. This shot was taken around 6am this morning, Cream has given birth to 8 healthy babies with no complications. Babies born September 20th, 2013. No Comments
  11. My rat pup sleeping like a baby. <3 3 Comments
  12. Baby Black Mollies No Comments
  13. "Shelob" Female Rose-Hair Tarantula 1 Comments
  14. "Rosy" Female Rose-Hair Tarantula 2 Comments
  15. "Mew" my cat 2 Comments
  16. Silver-tipped shark catfish. No Comments
  17. Pleco fish. 1 Comments
  18. male spider ball python No Comments
  19. male het clown ball python No Comments
  20. male leopard gecko 1 Comments
  21. "Winks" the rat pup. No Comments
  22. Male Dinker Ball python No Comments
  23. female het albino ball python 1 Comments
  24. female normal ball python No Comments
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