Any good location where i can see reptiles like national parks lakes or stuff

  1. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    Like maybe directions and stuff in california
  2. Wild-Type
    You wanna see reptiles in the wild? Or in captivity such as a zoo?

    What city are you in?
  3. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    In the wild in SF
  4. Alpha1
    I don't know of any open spaces, parks or woodlands in San Francisco, but where I live I can often see snakes, lizards and frogs in areas where there is some small streams, lakes, ponds or rivers. Places where it is very natural and quiet, no people or dogs, are good places to find reptiles hanging out. If you can go to a natural area with a fresh water stream running through it, spend some quiet time just sitting by the stream and looking around. Sometimes if you gently move a log or rock, you'll see some life come out from under it.

    Good luck, there are websites that might help you find a state park, or open space area with water near where you live. This site may not help you find a specific location, but click around there, you may find something of interest...
  5. Reptile person
    Reptile person
  6. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    Mostly the bay area not just SF :P
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