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  1. Mybudgie
    Have birds? Post their names, species and other info here if they aren't named you may simply tell how many you have and what they are. Pictures may also be posted here if you'd like
  2. Mybudgie
    I'll start with Frost. Frost is a single factor cobalt budgerigar. He's a standard, not English. He's a very young bird, just over a year I think. Then there's Soren, he's a Lutino and very young, just a few months I believe. My third budgerigar, who I have not yet named is a Creamino, he or she is probably only a couple of months old.
  3. Mybudgie
    Then there's winter, she's about a year old and she's a dove. Yep, she's a beautiful bird, but I don't think tricks are really her thing. They're surplus in beauty really makes up for their lack of brains.
  4. Alpha1
    No birds here, but I love hearing and learning about yours and other peoples pet birds...and of course enjoying all the beautiful photos.
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