Crazy things birds do

  1. Mybudgie
    Yeah, birds are great, but sometimes they do things that are just plain crazy. Feel free to post the crazy, weird or funny things your birds do
  2. Mybudgie
    My parents own 3 cockatiels and an African gray parrot. They have a stand in the living room and occasionally I bring my birds out. I understand that birds like to be a part of a flock but as soon as my budgies see the other birds it becomes they're goal to get on the stand. Ok, I know that doesn't sound very crazy so far. Frost seems to be the most determined of the three and so I left him up there one day to see how he would get along with the other birds. Within five minutes the African gray had Frost by the tail and way holding him up like a toy. Somehow that experience has done nothing to deter Frost and he still tries his hardest to get up on the stand.
  3. Alpha1
    Whoa! Glad Frost didn't get harmed, physically or attitude-wise, lol! He sounds like a spunky little fella!
  4. Mybudgie
    Lol, that's for sure, he thinks he's an eagle
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