first reptile

  1. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    what the first reptile
  2. Alpha1
    My first reptile was a small turtle that my mother bought for me when I was a child. I had a couple of them, and my brother helped me take care of them.
  3. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    my first reptile was a turtle too
  4. Alpha1
    Was it one of those tiny ones, or a bigger one? My nephews keep a big turtle as a pet in their back yard. They live in Texas, so it's pretty warm outside. There's big box turtles wild where I live, I saved one once from going into street traffic, by turning it around so it could walk back into the field.
  5. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    baby turtle
  6. Mybudgie
    My first was a turtle too
  7. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    LOL inception or strange cowincidences
  8. Yetidog37
    I don't have any reptiles but I have fish. My first pet was a cat.
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