Parakeet, budgie or budgerigar?

  1. Mybudgie
    For some all these names can be confusing. First off, the little multicolored birds you see in pet stores are a KIND of parakeet, however they should be called budgerigars (or budgies for short). Parakeet is a very broad term, there are over 120 known species and subspecies in the world. The word parakeet basically means small to medium parrots with tapered tails, unlike larger parrots which generally have more "square shaped" tails. If you've ever tried looking up parakeets on the internet a lot of different kinds of birds will pop up, when you might just be looking for budgerigars. This is because, as I've already mentioned there are a lot of species of parakeets. So no, you probably won't sound crazy if you refer to your budgerigar as a parakeet but it's simply not the proper term.
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