Mostly Tropical Fresh Water Fish, Couple of Turtles Here

  1. Alpha1
    I had a couple of small turtles when I was young, and as an adult I kept a couple of fresh water aquariums with fish. I had plecos, tiger barbs, cichlids, angel fish, clown loach and a couple of Jack Dempseys. It's been years since I had an active fish tank though, as they all eventually died, and I didn't want to start a new aquarium.

    I do love to watch the fish though, and someday my husband would like to have a nice salt water aquarium.
  2. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    i badly want a saltwater aquaruim one day with an eel
  3. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    loch ness monter or nessie would be the eels name
  4. Alpha1
    Nessie would be cool.
  5. Reptile person
    Reptile person
    nemo for clown fish
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