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How to use "Auto Save", no more post loss!

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    How to use "Auto Save", no more post loss!

    When you edit a post, your draft will be saved every 60 seconds. If you lose your input due to computer crash or accidental clicks, you can restore your input when you revisit the same thread. See screenshot below.
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    where will the auto saved content be if my computer crashes and I log back in?

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    You need to revisit the same page you were visiting prior to the crash, then you will see the text "Restore auto-saved content", see the screenshot above.

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    cool feature! It really sucks when you are writing a post on a message board, and your computer or the site crash and you have to start all over again. This looks like it's going to be a good site, and I hope we all stick around! You could also make a facebook page to pull people over here. There is a huge network of pet lovers, advocates, and rescues on facebook. I'll post a link on my facebook, so maybe we can get more people.

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    Nice little feature from one of vBulletins latest versions.
    I find it really useful, as sometimes I start writing a post then get side tracked and sometimes close the forum I'm on, so I can easily go back and carry on where I left off.

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