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Rescue dogs from Thailand arrive in Colorado

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    Rescue dogs from Thailand arrive in Colorado

    By Patrick Traylor
    November 4, 2016

    Thirty-two rescued dogs from Thailand arrived on Nov. 3 at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colorado after a 27 hour journey. The 32 dogs were rescued from the meat trade in Thailand and brought over by Underdogs Animal Rescue based in Boulder. This is the first such effort to bring in animals from a foreign country by the foster-based rescue.

    More photos and info here:

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    My husband was telling me about that yesterday, I'm glad these poor dogs have a second chance to live a good life. Love that last photo...proof that 'Life is Good'.

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    Local people themselves generally do not consume that unspeakable (except for one notorious province), however there is an extensive underground industry of kidnapping and transporting victims to slaughter in neighboring countries that do, e.g. Vietnam and China. Sadly I have seen some of the vehicles myself. Hell on earth.

    Kudos to the Coloradoans and their counterparts on the ground for providing a way out, hope, and a future for these 32 woggles.

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    Rescue places like this give me hope. They are such heroes!

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    Soi Dog, that wonderful organisation in Thailand, has also been saving dogs from the meat trade. Some of those dogs have also landed up in the USA, as well as other countries.

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