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Oh my cow. Came home to unbelievable poop storm.

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    Oh my cow. Came home to unbelievable poop storm.

    When I came home today after a long exhausting Monday at work and opened the door, an apocalypse had occurred while I was away. For over two years I have kept the dogs indoors whenever I am gone from home, because of big safety issues if they are left unattended in the yard. Had almost no potty accidents in that time. No one ever peed, thank goodness, since I hear that is the most troublesome smell to get rid of. I think one time someone pooped a single time, but they did it in one place in a neat pile, and it was quick to clean up.

    Today, oh my cow. I think maybe the cause was some commercial dried chicken treats that I gave them for the first time after their morning walk and before I left for work. At least Joey got loose bowels from the treat (won't buy it again), and the result was horribly, incredibly majestic in scale. You might have seen in an earlier photo that Joey likes to sit on the stairs. Evidently this is where the explosion happened. He must have started at the top of the stairs and- been propelled down as the event unfolded. So first mushy piles of poop on three of the stairs. But that was only the beginning. The staircase is not enclosed- the bare stairs just sit on two strong open bars. Joey clearly released a huge spray of poop that shot and spread as it fell through and below the stairs. It hit spots all over the adjacent wall from the top to the floor, creating a huge, unbelievable waterfall pattern over the whole wall. Then- sorry- this soft, mushy liquid poop fell onto the table below the stairs and all over several food containers and some cups there on the table.

    The initial incident must have happened fairly soon after I left, because by the time I got home, all the stuff on the wall and below was dried hard. There had also been plenty of time for the dogs to track the poop onto the room floor below.

    Oh. So traumatized.

    I'm telling you, it was like some amazing, elaborate, but terrible art installation.

    The only saving grace was that no carpet was involved, and no pee. Still it took me a disgusting hour to scrub the dried poop from all over and wash the wall from top to bottom. Fortunately no permanent stain on the wall. The place smells like liquid non-chlorine bleach, but at least most of the bad poop smell has dissipated.

    I'm sorry. This poop storm was so incredibly dynamic and terrible that I had to tell someone. Otherwise it might haunt me in dreams.

    May no one else here ever have to come home to that unbelievable sight themselves.

    I couldn't help alternating between cursing to myself at the bad luck and laughing out loud repeatedly that such a display was even physically possible without elaborate planning and orchestration.

    No. More. Commercial. Chicken. Treats. :- )

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    Not a good thing but at least you know the cause and it shouldn't happen again. Still...major ick factor happened to you my friend!!

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    Don't feel too bad DogForce, I think we've all been through that numerous times in the past like all pet owners. I have carpets, so of course it is a bigger hassle to deal with, sometimes I was lucky and it happened in the kitchen on vinyl flooring. It's hard to keep it in when your stomach is upset and mother nature calls. If a dog has been trained indoors on newspapers, they could be left out for times when you're gone for a long time. I used to put down a small square of newspaper in my basement laundry room on cement floor, and the only time my dog used it was for #1. If they're about to explode, just like vomit, they usually lose all control. Something to muse about and chuckle about in future conversations.

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