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My mouse has a huge red lump on her eye

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    My mouse has a huge red lump on her eye

    Hi! a while ago I adopted my mouse from my friend, and her eye has always been a little bit red. I thought it was nothing to worry about and that it would go away but its been about 8 months and still hasn't gone away. over the last couple days it has been getting worse and now a huge lump has grown.....

    I know this sounds bad but I don't want to take her to the vet as it would cost too much. She's about 1 and a half to 2 years old so im worried she is going to die soon!

    apparently when my friend owned her, she got in a fight with another mouse and it scratched her eye.

    Im not sure what to do, im thinking it might be a tumor... does anyone have any advice?



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    Doesn't look good. Please, please, take him to a vet! In some countries, there is a service whereby people on low incomes can get free or nearly free treatment - e.g. the PDSA in the UK. For the USA, see this page:

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    Charlie, I agree with LPS. Before it's too late, please bring her to a vet! Like you said, her life could be at stake. It does look like a tumor, and none of us have any professional experience with treating "lumps" so please bring her to a vet! They will get it removed and she should be just fine! In case this happens again, I'd reccomend putting aside $200+ for an emergency vet visit just in case. Good luck!

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    It can be costly but i suggest you get to hear what the vet has to say before its too late.

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