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Ferrets as Pets?

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    Ferrets as Pets?

    Hi, I was just wondering- do ferrets make good pets at all? I have been doing some research on/off and think they'd be a great addition to my family. If it helps to answer, I already have two guinea pigs, so I already have some experience working with small furry critters. I of course understand about odor, cleaning the cage, diet, etc. Just wondering for those of you with ferrets of your own! Thanks so much for your opinions!

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    Did you ever get the ferrets?

    I adore ferrets. They are super smart and full of entertaining mischief. They love to play.

    I have had them a couple different times, both unplanned, at the will of people who didn't want them anymore who asked me to take them. I really loved them, but I will not keep them again, because there really is no way to completely control the odor they have, even though they will use litter boxes.

    They need a lot of room to run around, so really a typical cage is too small; I let them run around the house whenever I was at home.

    One of them did some really crazy stuff. He was taking socks out of the laundry and pulling them into a hole the repair man left in the wall behind the bathtub. I couldn't figure out where all my socks were going. He left alone all the other laundry things, just taking socks. I guess he liked foot odor. I found school notebooks pulled under the sofa, all 3 bags of the candy for Halloween was pulled behind the dishwasher. They can drag things heavier than themselves, and get into tiny places, so I would lose a lot of things.

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    I used to have a neighbor that had a ferret, I barely caught a fast glimpse of him when I was there, he was always hiding behind the couch or somewhere else. I asked if it was just because I was there, and they said no, he always hid like that.

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    The ones I had were curious about people and animals, so they would come out of hiding spots to greet everyone.

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    I think they are nice pets. At one time my mother-in-law had a ferret along with a cat and 2 dogs. Everyone was a rescue and they all got along. The ferret was sweet and liked to be picked up and held. He was paper trained, liked to sleep in a drawer lined with towels that she kept slightly open for him. She never kept him in a cage and he was really fine. Nine memory of my mother-in-law who passed away last year...she loved animals and always took in hubby takes after her with his love of animals also
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