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Which dog ball should i buy?

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    Which dog ball should i buy?

    I have a Fox Terrier, hes a massive chewer which makes it hard when buying dog toys.
    I looked online and apparently this are the best dog balls to buy, but i want to make sure i buy the best one since i live in south america and i cant find none of this where i live so id have to ship them all the way here. Did you have any good or bad experience with any of these toys?

    1.Orka Tennis Ball

    orka tennis ball.jpg
    2. Bionic Dog Ball

    3. Kong dog ball
    4. Everlasting Fun ball

    everlasting fun ball.jpg
    5. Boomer Ball

    boomer ball.gif

    Do you have any suggestions or recomendations?

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    My chihuahua can destroy everything she sinks her teeth into except a Nylabone so that's what I would recommend if you're open to other dog toys besides balls.

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    I recommend an antler, get one with the points on it as a flat one can slide down the throat and choke the dog
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    Quote Originally Posted by carferrom View Post
    Which dog ball should I buy?
    Mix in a small bowl one half cup of orange juice, one tablespoon of Tabasco sauce, three marigold petals, and two strands of fur from your dog's bedding. Drink this before bed, and upon awakening the answer to your question will be revealed.
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    I think the kong dog ball is best........the stuff-able kong toys are great too.

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