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Any experience with lost pet locating products?

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    Any experience with lost pet locating products?

    I know most people use microchips or traditional tags with phone numbers, but does that work well? Would you think a QR tag that can be scanned by any smartphone to reveal important information regarding the pet including owner’s contact info and simultaneously send a text message to the owner will be of value ? The product can also be used to reach the owner by using the website or by calling a toll-free number and used to organize file/document of the pet. We would love to hear about your opinion about this product and whether it will generate some extra value for certain groups of users.

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    Don't stop now. You want to generate extra value? We, the Certain Group Of Users, want a drone that will go to the dog's current lost location, pick them up, and bring them back. Now get generating. The Certain Group Of Users does not like to be kept waiting. Money is no object. Our dogs dine from solid gold bowls.


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    Looking for the best pet locator for your dog or cat?Today's pet tracking systems are so sophisticated that they can find your cat, dog, farm animal or even tortoise, on your property, at your neighbor's across the street, or clear across town. An investment in one can definitely ease that sense of powerlessness and fear that can overcome you when you've lost your pet. More importantly, finding your pet quickly can possibly save your pet's life. There are powerful systems that come with a hefty price tag, but there are also less expensive trackers on the market too that work pretty well; it all depends on your needs.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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