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Question about raising my bird

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    Question about raising my bird

    I have had my baby rosy Bourne for awhile now, and today I found a video of this kind of bird singing. I played it in the room with my bird and the bird started to fly in circles and chirp. Does my bird like these sounds? Or is it being territorial? When I turn off the music is my bird sad that it is gone or sad I tricked it? Any response would help, thanks!

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    I don't know much about birds, but I've read that males sing more often than females and the singing can mean they are defending their territory. Out of curiousity is your bird male or female? If it's male especially, it might feel threatened. If it's a female it might be excited? Sorry just guessing, maybe someone will help you with more info. Welcome!

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    When I was young we had two parakeets but I'm sorry to say that I don't really remember that much about their care. I do recall that they enjoyed flying around the room and they were lovely to watch. But you only have one...maybe your bird needs a friend? But that's just my opinion. Does your bird have a name?

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