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Over Active Cat

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    Cool Over Active Cat

    My new adopted cat Lola is way too active. She has so much energy, that I don't know what to do. At night and in the morning she throws and pushes things. She knocks things over and jumps everywhere. I'm trying to find a good way to teach her not to do these things. lola's blog)

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    Hi lolasmommy, welcome! My cat is a year old, and also is very active in the mornings and right before bedtime, I figure it's normal and he's happy, not doing anything too destructive during his play. I think they always mellow with age. Right now I'll enjoy his kittenhood with him.

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    My cat is also one of the most active cats I have had. He wont do it all the time, but other times he will just start running all over the place. He will play with pieces of paper on the floor and chase them around also.

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