That is a long time. It is possible, but holding urine too long can cause bladder infection. Sometimes it happens that owners must leave dogs longer than they wish and occasionally it's probably not a big deal, but if it's all the time I think they would be more likely to develop problems. You might come home to more accidents if they really can't hold it or they are uncomfortable holding it. Do you give them water before you leave or do they have free access to water?

As recommended if you or some one else can give them a potty or give them outdoor access that will help.

What I do is put rubber mats (g floor) in my kennels so if they can't hold it they can eliminate without having it on the floor. It's easy to clean. Usually they hold it anyway. I've had some go 10-11 hours, but normally they don't have to wait that long. Sometimes I've had to clean up after only 6 hours though.