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Meet My 2 Budgies Hermes & Izzy!

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    Meet My 2 Budgies Hermes & Izzy!

    As promised, I'm introducing my 2 feathered friends Hermes is the more gregarious of my two budgies. He's named after the Greek god of messengers for a reason! He's loud, active, and very playful. Izzy is more reserved, though she still has her silly moments.

    These two balance each other out very well as Izzy makes Hermes think before he acts, and Hermes encourages Izzy to go out of her comfort zone. I'll be breeding them this summer and am looking forward to seeing how their genetics show up in their chicks. I am looking forward to it as I've been researching and preparing for 2 years!

    Hermes will be 3 this summer and Izzy will be 2. I also do a lot of art of these 2! I think, of my animals, I've done the most of them. I spoil these 2, as I do with all of my animals haha. As I said when I introduced my horse, Tessa, expect lots of pictures!

    Hermes is a single factor golden face cobalt fullbody greywing clearflight pied.

    Here he is as a chubby little chick!

    He's a Narcissus. Here he is admiring himself on one of my cards.

    And he loves his baths!

    Izzy is a cinnamon grey opaline recessive pied. She doesn't like pictures as much as Hermes so I don't have as many of her.


    I simply adore her cinnamon color!

    We all know she's the boss!

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    And because I have more than 10 pictures, I had to add another post haha.

    Hermes & Izzy

    Their mansion of a cage!

    And here are a few of the many art pieces I've done of these two!

    Graphite of Herm boy

    Watercolor of baby Hermes with my first budgie, Mishka

    Colored Pencil of Hermes & Izzy watching a goldfish. May seem like an interesting choice of subject but they used to love watching my aquarium! Izzy's mutation is so difficult to draw! The pied and opaline markings are bad enough, but add in the cinnamon...

    And here is a graphite of Izzy. Once more, her markings were difficult but at least I didn't have to worry about her cinnamon color!

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    Great photos, beautiful birds!

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    Wow!!! Thats a big cage and those are great pics!!!!! I like your drawings too!!!! Do you have any other pets??
    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
    Help all the pets you can!

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    Fun pictures, thanks for sharing!

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    On the Farm
    Love the cage, I have a similar flight cage except mine is quite a bit wider but I had to have a really big one to house my 6 budgies and 3 finches.

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