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Cat Weak Legs, Blood clot?? Help

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    Cat Weak Legs, Blood clot?? Help


    My name is Nathan and we noticed that our 11yo cat Daisy recently has troubled jumping up on things. Not gradual, this just happened in the past week. Then we noticed her back legs looked a little weak. Took her to the vet and the vet thinks she injured herself doing cat things and recommended her be restricted to a small room or closet. She's gotten worse. When we per her back she cries in pain. Also when she gets up she always stretches her back legs before walking. Something's not right. She seems to be matching the symptoms of a blood clot but we just don't know.

    Her blood tests are good, her urine is good. Has anyone else dealt with this before? As a cat owner, I know something's not right, it's more than just an injury.

    Thank you,

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    I would suggest you take her to an animal chiropractor. If there is a little something out of place they can snap it back into place, also do a laser treatment and acupuncture. Not as expensive as you might think, a treatment will run you around $50 and she'll be much better
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    Did the vet take an xray at all? I wonder if there's a spine/disc injury? That would definitely cause pain and affect the back and legs, a vet would normally give anti-inflammatory medication for something like that. My cat stretches his back legs often before walking, nothing odd there, but if he had pain like yours does it's definitely a concern. My dog had an injured disc one time and he was in tremendous pain, was put on prednisone until he was better. Good luck, I agree, something doesn't sound right but I didn't think it was blood clot related at all.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Alpha - No X ray. The cat is not very active in general and likes to lie around all day, so it's hard to imagine something causing her injury. It's the weak back legs that bother me. You can tell she kinda struggles to get up and use her legs. Could be an injured disc, though not thrilled about the cost of surgery. She's not paralyzed, just having a hard time getting up. Once she starts walking, she's ok. When your dog had an injured disc. Did you just give him Predisone? Was there other treatments (surgery, restricted activities, etc.). I haven't read much on this subject because everytime I look up "weak back legs in cats", I get forums for cats with blood clots or diabetes. I think I may take her back to the vet if things get worse.

    Thank you for your help!


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    I had to restrict his activities but that wasn't hard because he was in pain and slow to walk, get up and lay down, or change positions. We didn't have surgery at all, just the pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds from the vet temporarily took care of the problem. But they had to do the initial xray to diagnose it. He also shows some arthritis in his spine, but the disc injury was what caused him great distress.

    We sent him out to the driveway every morning to get the newspaper, and one morning he slipped and fell down on his side from a patch of ice. We suspect that's what caused the injury in his disc, so it doesn't take much to have these things happen to our pets.

    Another thing xrays show is hip dysplasia which would cause weak back legs and atrophy of the hind quarters, we had a dog once who suffered with this too. If I'm not mistaken, although rare, I think cats can have hip dysplasia too. Medication for pain along with natural supplements can be give for relief. We never planned to have surgery for her either, the vet didn't recommend the operation either. The benefits didn't outweigh the risks and expense, and pain for the dog.

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