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Dematting blade

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    Dematting blade

    My long haired cat Bell is prone to getting matts in his fur. The slicker brush (the one with the hundreds of little needle pointed bristles) didn't do squat but tick him off when it yanked on his hair. The metal comb wouldn't cut thru them. So basically I was resorting to having to cut them out, which was an adventure in itself because he isn't one to sit still for that kind of stuff. So a couple Saturdays ago I made a special trip to PetSmart to see if I could find a food for my recently passed cat Romeo that he would eat since he had up and stopped eating.

    While walking around the store I come across the aisle that had the cat brushes and combs where I found what I needed for Bell's matted fur issue. I believe it's made by a company called Andis, it's a 9 blade dematting tool (pic should be on this post as an attachment if it doesn't show immediately). It has 9 curved teeth that are sharp on the inside of each "blade" and dull on the side that contacts the skin. At PetSmart I think it was like $16.99 but on eBay you can find it a couple dollars cheaper. Let me tell you this thing works amazing and cuts right through the matted fur like a hot knife through butter. And where it's a little tougher just kind of easily rotate your wrist back and forth a little as you pull and it glides through. I've been using it a little at a time and Bell doesn't mind it and I have gotten so much excess hair off of him, in maybe 4 uses I've dang near almost filled up a plastic grocery bag.

    If you have a matted fur issue with your cat or even dog this thing is something to seriously consider purchasing.
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    My siamese is a shedder, the bengal seldom looses any hair, its so fine if he does shed you wouldn't see it. But my shepherd is another store, I have a furminator for her. Its only February and she is already starting to blow her coat. Talk about something that sheds, every time I brush her I get enough hair to make another dog.
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    My dog mats easily, he's a Labradoodle with curly hair, not typical fur. I have two different kinds of dematters similar to the one you show. I haven't had much success with either of them, they still hurt him even if I try to hold the base of the hair next to his skin. I just constantly brush him and cut out mats frequently so they don't get too big and cause pain and problems. I have a cat with very thick fur, though not typically long, thank goodness he doesn't mat. I use a cat pin brush on him often. Glad you found something that works for you and your beautiful kitty.

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    I don't have a cat just a couple of dogs and I will agree with the fact that its pretty hard to groom their hair. I and my partner have decided to stop visiting pet salon and just do it at home. I have actually bought my supplies on the nearest pet store I find it cheap and I also have my voucher on pet street mall so I did try to purchase some just to save money. It is a bit challenging but so far I enjoy doing it and I guess its less expensive.

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