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Help Tommy to get right diagnosis and healing

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    Help Tommy to get right diagnosis and healing

    We found Tommy when he was about 6 months old. He was born on the street. We gave him a home. However very quickly we found that the cat has health problems. He gets wounds very easily. Comparing to other cats his skin is thinner and very fragile. In a short period of time Tommy scratched several wounds that were too large and needed a veterinarian help.
    It was the beginning of the never ending story.
    The wounds was stitched again and again - each time with use of anesthesia and with course of antibiotics.
    We have spent a lot of money for veterinarian visits and treatment. But it was only a battle with the consequences.
    It was recommended to do cytological and histological testing, blood tests, allergy diagnostics.
    We did blood tests and now we know that our Tommy has increased blood sugar levels which needs to be checked again to know if he has diabetes.
    We need to do allergy diagnostic.
    Allergy diagnostic for pets is not available in our country. The blood sample need to be sent to the USA to the Spectrum Labs. The blood sample will be tested on 91 allergens. Allergy diagnostics is very expensive as well as expensive is offered hyposensitization treatment.
    Lately his skin became very itchy. We were using antihistamine preparation Zyrtec but it did not help.
    We are in despair. Fragile and itchy skin means that our cat has endless veterinarian visits, anesthesias and antibiotics.
    Your donated money will help us to make the right moves to solve the problem. With this money we will do allergy diagnostic, cytological and histological testing and further treatment.
    For a $30 donation we will send you a special thank you gift!
    Thank you so much for your time and help!

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    Help Tommy!

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    Tommy needs you!!!

    For a $30 donation we want to send a special thank you gift - something handmade and cute from the heart To get a reward please write me an email to let me know the address to ship to. Thank you for your time and help! Tommy needs your help so much!

    If you have any advices or questions please message me.

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    Welcome to the forum. I am sad to hear about Tommy. Is there a veterinary school to get free help? Here's a link:
    I hope he gets better.

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    he is fine now

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    Thanks for the update Snowdrop, good to hear.

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