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Cat with an embarrassing health problem - what can I do?

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    Cat with an embarrassing health problem - what can I do?


    We have been adopted by an extremely affectionate stray cat. It lives outside, and I have been feeding it regularly now with dry cat food for several weeks. In the last week or so, it has developed what looks like hemorrhoids.

    It would be tricky to take the cat to a vet. I live in France and would have difficulty explaining this problem to a vet in French. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    It's great that you're trying to help this cat and getting to a vet would be what I would do but here's a link that may help.

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    SHE/ He should still see a vet I am sure he will know what you are talking about and plus his assistance would be able to tell him. Can't you kind of like bring it in the house? Keep it in a small area until it is use to being inside? Poor thing but Esme's link is a good link! Ah it isn't embarrassing it isn't unusual. He needs some treatment that is for sure. hope it works out for you and the cat
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