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Help with puppy potty training

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    Help with puppy potty training

    Ok so I need some help with potty training my new puppy.

    I have a 9 week old lab pup named creed that I bought from a friend and I'm doing my best to train him to go to the bathroom outside. I understand he is a puppy and his bladder is tiny so accidents happen but I have a large fenced in yeard and am doing my best to take him out on a regular basis. This has gone well and while accidents still do happen, it has become less and less frequent that he pees or poops inside while I am with him. Often times we go outside and he runs to his pee spot and pees, like hes been waiting to go outside which is GREAT!

    The problem comes when I am at work. I work 8-10 hour days and although I do come home from work at lunch to let him out I find it negligent to leave him in his crate for 4-6 hours. I usually leave for work around 7 and don't get home for lunch until 12 or 1. This means 5 or 6 hours he has to be left alone and with him being only 9 weeks I don't want to put him in a situation where he is forced to potty where he sleeps (ie his crate). My solution to this was to purchase a puppy play pen, essentially just wire fencing that I can attach to his open crate. When I'm leaving for work I put him in the playpen with his crate open so he can sleep if he wants, he has toys to play and I have a puppy pad down so WHEN (cause its not an if) he needs to go he has a place to go seperate form his sleeping area.

    This has worked exactly as I planned, when I come home for lunch he has usually peed on the pad a few times and there is usually poop someplace in the playpen. I have no problem cleaning this up and going about my day, but I just need to know what is the end goal? How to I get him to eventually be able to hold it the whole day while I am at work? I don't want him trained so that he becomes used to pooping and peeing inside during the day. How do I adjust? Eventually I want him to have free run of the house and not be kept in a crate or playpen.

    Also he sleeps in his crate and I currently let him out every 3 hours, he has been very good and doesnt go in his sleeping area.

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    I haven't crate trained my puppies, but I have gated off the kitchen area which is by the back door and used newspapers in a small area for potty emergencies. Once the dog is trained, you can just put down the newspaper so he has a place to go if needed. If your yard is securely fenced, and your neighborhood is safe, and the dog is old enough to fend for himself, you can do what some people do and get a doggie door installed. I've never done this, just left newspapers down when I was gone for a long shift.

    Sounds like what you're doing now is a good transition. Welcome to the forum!

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    I'm sorry to say, but until he learns you may have to leave him in the crate while you're at work so he doesn't go inside. Since he knows not to go inside his crate this may be the best way to train him to not go inside until he's fully trained and you can leave him in the playpen. I know it's hard and seems negligent, but they have to learn as a puppy. Maybe since i'm a little late in the game commenting on this thread you've found something by now but this is my recommendation!
    Best of luck to you!!!

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    Betsy1 you are expecting to much from a young puppy, they can only hold it for one hour for every month old they are and if he's in the crate whether he want to or not he will have to go and not be able to hold it.

    If he were my dog I'd gate him off in the kitchen or some place with a floor that's easy to clean, do as Alpha suggested put down newspaper or pee pads and leave his crate door open so he can go in to sleep.

    Or crate him and have someone go in every couple of hours to take him out to play with him and have a potty break. He should be fed at least twice a day and new food pushed out the old so he will need a potty break shortly after he eats. And of course always have fresh water available for him. I have fountains for my animals, they can't tip it over and the water is always fresh. Course being a lab he may decide to "play" in the water.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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