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Man Who Keeps Opening His Home and Heart to Rescue Animals

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    This guy has a heart of gold and has done so much to help these animals in need. More pictures here.

    Meet Lee Asher, a typical LA guy with quite an extraordinary pet family – the man happens to have 9 rescue animals. “I always knew that when I was older I would have a house filled with rescues, so seeing where I am now isn’t much of a surprise to me or anyone who knew me growing up,” Asher told The Dodo. Ever since he was a child, the man knew that helping animals was his calling. So far, Asher has rescued 16 pets.

    As a child, the guy would spend tons of time at shelters, volunteering and learning more about the rescue process. Once he got into college, he started fostering dogs from shelters and finding them loving forever homes.

    “The inspiration just comes from loving dogs and knowing that you are not only saving a life, but when rescuing a dog you are allowing the space for other rescues to possibly get adopted too.” He added: “It’s a win-win and a beautiful feeling.”

    Today the man has seven dogs and two cats, some of which are ‘foster fails’. “It’s constant entertainment and I’m very grateful to have a home filled with so much love and dog fur,” said Asher.

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    Wow God Bless him a million times!

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