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My dogs are too fat; want to improve diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratterrier View Post
    a flatulent dog
    Defined by Webster as "a farting dog".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dog Force One View Post
    Defined by Webster as "a farting dog".
    Yup. My little trooper can compete with any human in terms of odor, and can do a good job with volume too, usually causing him to be terrified of his own butt for the next 10 minutes.

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    :- )

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    I probablyintended an standardtrade in weight loss plan that causeweight loss, in preference tosome magic bullet. I cannotfind the money for to feed them boiled hen and rice each day, so i'mlooking forwhat isquality and inside my price range. I like thegreen bean and carrots recommendations. Will paintings to persuade my wife to forestallbuying Kibbles & Bits.

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    My dogs have been off Kibbles & Bits for a couple months, now.

    We've been feeding them Eagle Pack (low fat) and Holistic Select (small breed). It costs quite a bit more than what we were buying, but what we were buying was complete trash.

    All three dogs have lost a good bit of weight and look much healthier than they did. The dachshunds look nice when their stomachs aren't the same size as their chests!

    We are also working fresh vegetables into their diet, cottage cheese (once in a while), and lean meats.

    Thanks for all the great advice!

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    Cinnamon, thanks for the update, that sounds wonderful.....good job and glad you tossed the trashy food and are taking a more natural and healthy route. I know what you mean about quality pet foods, they are super expensive, we all just have to find out what's best that we can afford. Hope you and your pups stay well.

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    The dogs' body weight and pelvic circumference were measured at the beginning of the study, along with severity of lameness.
    Lameness was evaluated using three different measures – a numeric rating scale (NRS), a visual analogue scale (VAS) (both of which are subjective measures), and a kinetic gait analysis (objective measure).
    The dogs were placed on a weight loss program using commercially available food. Owners were instructed not to change the dogs' level of exercise for the duration of the study.
    They were evaluated by the same person every 2 weeks for 12 weeks, then 4 weeks apart for the final 2 visits. Weight, pelvic circumference and severity of lameness at a walk and at a trot were measured at each visit.

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