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Naming Pets

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    Naming Pets


    My name is Johanna. I am new to this forum! I am starting an on-the-side pet sitting job soon to get my cat fix in.

    I have a question for all you animal lovers out there, especially animal owners:

    My sister just bought an adorable puppy and gave him the perfect name that goes with his looks and personality. Everyone on facebook is commenting about the name! I jokingly told her I am hiring her to name all my future pets, but I was kind of serious! She has a real talent for providing a great name for a unique animal.

    This got me thinking. I really do think I am going to have her name my future pets. Her names are so unique and fitting.

    I was thinking about starting a website where people could send in a picture of their new pet and get a suggested name (made by my sister). It would be unique because she would be able to see what the pet looks like.

    For all you animal owners: Do you think this is a website people would use? I know they'll be given great name suggestions, but is the concept something people would be interested in, or is the naming process so personal that people wouldn't want someone else coming up with something?

    Thanks for your help! I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's answers.


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    its not looks that you live with on a daily basis its personality, if you want to go that route you want a name that fits the personality more than what it looks like
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    Hi Johanna! I wouldn't use a site like that because I think naming your pet is a personal thing, and we usually go by looks and personality. My husband named my dog Bigfoot, because especially when his hair is longer he looks like a bigfoot or sasquatch. We named our cat Loki after the Norse God of mischief.

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    I like to name my own pets and would never have some total stranger do it for me ! No Thanks , I going to pass on this and I bet a lot of people will .

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    I also like to name my pet by myself.

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    I agree that you shouldn't go into the business of naming pets for other people specifically, BUT there is a market for coming up with names in general. Every couple I've met who has been pregnant has bought a book of baby names. Do the same for pet names. For pets, you could get creative and come up with more obscure names equipped with the meaning behind them to help people out. Alpha mentioned Loki, Norse god of mischief. I think that is a perfect example. I would have never thought of this, but I think it's a great name now that there is context behind it that probably fits the pet's personality. Since pet names can be as creative as you want, you have lots of material to work with. Just a thought! Good luck!

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    I named my bengal cat Orion after the great mighty hunter in mythology and nothing hunts like a bengal so thats what I named him.
    My first bengal was named Cheetor, my son was young when I first got him and he was big into transformers and Cheetor was the cat that changed into a transformer
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    You might have better look setting up a site to name babies. I can see a certain demographic paying for that service!

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    I like to name my own animals. I know some people ask for suggestions of friends or on forums, but I am not sure that it would be that popular - especially as a business.

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    Well, Let me give you a piece of advice! It can be done, what you are talking about but maybe you need to change your strategies..

    First off people generally do not like having someone else name their pets or children but they don't have a problem with reading books about names because they still have the feeling that they named their child or a pet because they choose a name from the list..

    This is maybe stupid but humans as a species love the freedom of choice and with your model of bussines they will have a choice only to come for your sister for help or not to. But they don't get the say in a matter for the name.

    Maybe you could publish a book or a list of names for specific breeds and their characteristics?

    For example, I did a google search and found this Alaskan dog names list and as you can see there, all of those names are unique for dogs of Alaskan breeds.

    Maybe your sister could come up with names for breeds and their characteristics like fur color, nose shape, eye color. For example, in your book, you could have a whole page dedicated to the dog breed with let's say black fur color and brown eyes, and next page is the same breed, same fur color but different eyes, and so on, you get the picture.

    And you could also post an illustration of a dog look on the page with the names. That way your sister gets to name dogs by their looks and people get to have their say in a matter by picking one of the names they like from the list!

    Hopefully, I was able to help you, if you have some additional ideas about this please let us know here and maybe we come up with an even better solution

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    Can you suggest any site for this?

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    I also like to name my pet by myself.Thanks

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    I don't think I'd use a website like that either. I go by personality in an animal. Years ago when my cats had kittens, I spent a few days watching over them before any names came to mind, because although I wanted to name them certain names. the ones I was thinking just didn't suit them. So I watched them to see how they behaved. Rambo was one because he was always clambering over the others to suckle! Persia was another because she always made a kind of grunting/purring noise when suckling! I like naming animals but when I was a teen, naming my goldfish "Fish, Chips, Dinner, Tea & Supper" was probably not the best indicator of my future naming methods!

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    I would use the website cause I'm so uncreative with names lol. Not sure how many others would use it, but I'm always asking ppl what o name my new pet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha1 View Post
    Such pretty colors, light, and textures with Bigfoot in this photo. It reminds me of the old style Eddie Bauer catalogs or a National Geographic article. The way the sun falls- it looks like merry weather. A beautiful picture.

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