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Help! I'm starting a breeding business!

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    Help! I'm starting a breeding business!

    Hey yall,

    I'm a little bit stuck... I've decided to be a bunny breeder (it's always been my dream) and I've just come into a bit of land which means I can make it a reality! Does anybody have any tips for a first time breeder? Should I start small and have 2 rabbits, or is it better to have quite a number of rabbits so they all get used to each other?

    Also I want to do all of my microchipping in-house because of the new laws being passed - does anybody know a good pet microchips retailer that maybe does training as well? I've only really heard of Smartchip but I want to weigh up all of my options to make sure I'm doing the best thing for the the little buns. I'm a bit squeamish, but I think that if you want to kind of compete with big named pet companies who do all of the microchipping before the pets are sold then it's the way forward. Am I being daft? Does anybody know of anybody else doing this?

    Thanks - look forward to some advice, I'm really keen to start the process!


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    This is the company I use for my dog's microchip The breeder put the chip in and I had to join and register with the info and my dog's picture, etc. I think this is a good company.

    I never heard of using a microchip on small animals like rabbits though, and I wonder if that's a good idea or not. I don't have any experience with owning rabbits, so I have no real advice for you. I always thought there were plenty of rabbits available for adoption as pets since they breed "like rabbits".

    Do you have an unusual breed of rabbit that is uncommon? By the way, welcome to the forum and good luck.

    After looking around online, I see that the microchips for rabbits are MUCH smaller than the ones they use for dogs and cats, so that's something you really have to consider in such a tiny animal.

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    I personally wouldn't microchip but that's just me... Good luck with your business though! I recommend getting into either the more exotic breeds for show, or the much needed hardy out door breeds.

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    you may start off small but not for long. Rabbits breed quickly, five minutes after giving birth they are ready to breed again. The males will eat the babies if left with the female. I wouldn't do the microchipping myself, if you don't know what you are doing you will hurt the rabbit. Why do you want them microchipped anyway?
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    What are you going to do with all the rabbits you'll end up with? If they don't stand out from the rest it's not going to be easy selling them.

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