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Help! My cat is overweight!

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    Help! My cat is overweight!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I've been trying to find some information on how much food I should be feeding my cat. He is 5 years old and he weighs at least 16lbs. I haven't taken him to the vet so I am not 100% sure his exact weight. I got him for my friend who was unable to care for him anymore in June 2016.

    Currently I give him 1/2 cup of dry food (Whiskas) that I leave out for him to eat throughout the day and 1 can of wet food (Fancy Feast) at dinner time. Is this too much?

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    Every cat is different and 16 lbs. may not be overweight. When I weigh my cats I first weigh myself, write down my weight. Then I pick up one of my cats and get on the scale, writing down the combined weight. I subtract my weight from that combined weight number and that’s their weight.
    Except for 2 of my cats who have prescription diet and 1 is a senior citizen who still loves his fancy feast I feed Buffalo Blue. Some of the Buffalo Blue is grainfree and some is mixed with rice and I vary it to try and give them the best nutrition. I have learned along the way that It’s best not to go cheap on their food. You want to extend their lives and make sure they have proper nutrition.
    Also I refer to the cat food bag for feeding guidelines.
    Hope this helps and you need to remember that if you do switch over to a better brand of cat food you do it slowly and tapper down the amount of your Whiskas until your cat is on the new cat food.
    Here’s a link from the ASPCA on feeding your cat that may help.
    “Save a life and save a stray”

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    like Esme said, he might not be over weight. Various things can affect a cats weight, especially breed. One of my cats... he is easily 25lbs. He instantly started growing bigger than his brother. Found out his his colouring and growing was because he is part Maincoon (brother wasn't long story). Now yes he fat in addition to being big. He is blind so he doesn't really exercise (it gets old running into walls). But he has this pooch, of blubber, on his belly. if he didn't have that he would still be big and heavy, but look just like a slightly smaller short haired maincoon. To me it sound like you are feed him the correct amount. growing up we always gave the cats 2 meals of about 1/2C each.

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    Neither wiskas or fancy feast is a good food. Both are loaded with by products fat and carbs. Carbs are not good for animals nor is to much fat. Fancy feast is made by purina, something I'd never feed as they use rendered meat in their products. Its not all how much you feed its what you feed. My two eat fromm duck dry which a bowl is left out all the time and for wet they get natural balance packets.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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