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Guinea Pig Eye Issue!!!!!

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    Guinea Pig Eye Issue!!!!!

    Hi, I have two guinea pigs Lola and Coco. They are both 4 1/2. I just noticed one of my guinea pigs eye has crust all over it, and looks really cloudy, like theirs a film over it and is sunken. When I put up to the light to take a closer look her bad eye reflected blue and Lolaís other eye is perfectly fine. She isnít acting any different shes playing, running, eating and drinking just fine but im worried as it looks serious, i just want your input on this situation.

    the pictures below are of her bad eye and her normal eye

    Lola's Bad Eye.jpg Lola's Good Eye.jpg

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    Wow, that's quite an infection!
    Hopefully it's already been addressed irl, as this was from awhile ago but just for a future reference my cat, Lily, had a pretty bad eye infection as well.
    I mixed one teaspoon of honey and a cup of room temperature water and dropped it in her eye two to three times a day.
    Her eye infection cleared up in a day and a half.
    Honey is a natural anti-bacterial and I found out about it from my older sister who is very into natural remedies and she uses that for her chickens as well as the children she nannies (one of the kids she watches has a real issue about washing his hands, so he's constantly giving himself pink eye).
    I really recommend it!

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    Sounds like good advice Sapphire! I think that raw unfiltered and preferably organic honey is much better though than the cheap clover "honey" on most store shelves, from what I heard much of that can't even be called real honey. Also, I wonder if coconut oil would help too, as it's anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial and very soothing and safe to use for so many things on people and animals.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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