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Had to put to sleep due to pancreatitis/diabetes

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    Had to put to sleep due to pancreatitis/diabetes

    Good Morning.

    I guess I am here to justify my recent decision by put my dog to sleep.

    The lady that I am speaking of was a 10 year old Schnauzer mix. Last year she was diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitis. It required several days in the hospital and an enormous bill (over $2000).

    She has since had multiple flair-ups with pancreatitis, but each time pulling through on her own. We've done a good job at managing her diabetes. She had a flair-up again last week, and this time was different. The flair-up left her severely dehydrated and similar if not worse than she was last year. As we did with past flare-ups we kept offering liquids, no food for 24 hours. When day two arrived and it appeared she was taking a turn for the worse (continued vomiting and diarrhea) we took her to the vet. The pancreas was severely inflamed, could barely hold her head up, and her diabetes was out of control. The option that the vet gave me was similar to what we went through last year. IV, Dex and insulin drip, pain meds, no guarantee of survival and a huge bill to boot.

    I made the tough decision to end this pain for her. But now this decision haunts me. I made the decision based on the fact that she was in intense pain, was no guarantee that treatment would end that pain and that flair-ups like this were inevitable even if she did survive.

    I'm left though with the guilt of not trying, not saving her life. I have rationalized that this decision was about her, and her quality of life, but my guilt persists...

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your dog had such serious problems with her health. You had to be the judge of the severity of her illness and whether continued treatment gave her any quality of life, and you decided. I was told at one time that my dog had cancer that spread throughout here body, but she could be treated with chemo/radiation and buy a few more months, but she'd have to deal with a lot of pain and the expense would be big for me. I took her home without the chemo and when she stopped eating and drinking and I felt it was her time, I had her euthanized. I think we all feel some guilt when we have to put our pets down, they can't make these decisions for themselves and depend on us to do what's best. Usually quality of life is a big factor. I'm sorry you lost your baby, I love the Schnauzer breed, had standards for around 30 years, sweet and smart dogs.

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    I know the guilt you are feeling, I lost one of my shepherds and my first bengal cat to cancer. Like Alpha I opted not to go with chemo and lost the shepherd five weeks after she was diagnosed. Pancreatitis is a terrible illness, my sister had a shepherd much like your case where it kept flaring up and it got so bad she too had no other option but have him put down. As hard as it is we do what we have to do, we don't want them to suffer anymore and the guilt is a natural response to ending their suffering. You did the right thing, in time you'll come to realize that. Its the least we can do for them to let them go peacefully than to suffer an agonizing death. Peace to you and your family at the loss of your girl. My sympathies are with you.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I am sorry for your loss as I just had to put my Roscoe to sleep today. I know it's a heartbreak and feeling like you could have done more is how I feel too. It's horrible to make the final decision but you don't want to see them suffer so it has to be done.
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