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cytopoint shot

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    cytopoint shot

    hi folks i just felt compelled to post this for other pet owners. our baby girl, cheyanne who is part great pyrenese and red nose pit bull has had alergy problems all her life, she will be six this year. we have spent thousands of dollars trying everything our vet could find to help her. last month she told us about cytopoint and said she had given the shot to seven other dogs with the same problem as cheyanne, scratching all the time and producing sores which would become infected. many pills and shampoos later with little results, and said she was having amazing results. we gave the shot to cheyanne and within 24 hours ALL her itching had stopped and did so for 35 days. we were shocked to see the spirit and playfulness back. she loves to run and play until she goes to sleep at night. what a blessing!! she is on her second shot and we could not be happier to see her not suffering anymore. thanks alot!!

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    I have heard of this shot and I hear its a good shot to use, but its new and I"m always leary of new medications. I hope for your sake it works out and there are no serious side effects.
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    I hadn't heard of this before. Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

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