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Good Repair of Feather Wand Toy

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    Since I got my cat as a kitten, I can't count the amount of wand toys with the feathers that have fallen apart the first day only to be thrown in the trash. I didn't get a new one for a long time, but I decided to try again, same thing. The feathers started coming out quickly, they make those toys so cheap. He's not that rough with them, but he should be able to chase and swipe when to play with him.

    Anyway, I gathered all the new feathers that fell out and my husband put some Elmer's Glue in the cup holder where they stick the feathers. Then, one by one he put in the feathers and we put it in a closet upright for several days so the glue could dry.

    So far, we've played with it quite a few times and feathers are staying in place. I don't know if they'll come out anytime in the future, but if they do we probably can't re-repair. But until then, I'm really happy, because the cat enjoys that playtime so much and with the puppy, he's been taking a back seat in play attention.

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    Good idea! Hoping it continues to hold up!

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