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Dog Who is Trained to Find and Rescue Missing Cats

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    Lightbulb Dog Who is Trained to Find and Rescue Missing Cats

    This dog has found eleven cats already.

    Butcher rescued Molly after seeing an ad on Gumtree for an 18-month-old Cocker Spaniel that "needs a good home, cannot cope." She had three owners in under two years.
    After eight months of training with medical detection dogs, Molly broke away and specialized in finding missing cats.

    "We give her a scent sample from the house where the cat normally lives, and then she's trained to match that," explained Butcher. "It only needs to be tiny scent too."

    Molly has helped rescue 11 cats so far this year, and The Pet Detective's search success has increased by a third.

    "Many people said that training a dog to rescue cats was crazy; that all dogs chased cats and it couldn't be done," Butcher said. "Nothing has felt quite so rewarding as seeing it work. People are fascinated when they watch Molly at work, but she's not fussed. She still doesn't know that those things with four legs that she searches for are called cats. To her, it is just her favorite game."


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    That is awesome!! Linda...I thought of your Phoenix when I read this...I recall you would ask her where's Orri and she would run to her. If the need ever came up in your area I would bet Phoenix would help the rescue effort!

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    Love this story! Thanks for sharing!

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    WOW ! What a great story . That bunch of baloney about all dogs chasing cats , I know of cats and dogs that are great friends and sleep together .

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