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My conures bath...

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    Talking My conures bath...

    My little green cheek conure, Lilo decided that she would bathe in Yogurt! It was on the table, she flew to it and before I had time to get her, she jumped right in! Lol and now I need to give her a real bath

    Have your pets ever bathed in something other then a desired bath? Tell the story in the comments!

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    Oh no lol! My Golden Retriever, Lucky rolled in a big dead fish once. It was such a lovely car ride home that day lol!

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    When I was eating plain Greek yogurt on a regular basis, my cat would come up on the table and innocently look at the yogurt, then suddenly swipe his front paw in it, flick it immediately throwing yogurt on the wall, TV and me....but he didn't need a bath, he licked his leg clean as I wiped down my walls.

    Darkly Innocent, I can relate big time. When I had my Standard Schnauzers we went camping near the Oregon Coast and one of them rolled in a dead baby seal that was beached on shore. Hard to get that smell off without access to a warm water bath and plenty of soap.

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    Oh no! Gah that does not sound nice!

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    No! Oh puppy why! That smell seems to never go away, it's like it haunts you....

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