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Cat Food Placement for Multiple Cats

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    Cat Food Placement for Multiple Cats

    I've got two cats who have to two different types of food because one has a sensitive stomach. The one that does not have a sensitive stomach got into the other cats food and now is having very dark brown almost black diarrhea. And when my other cat eats the regular food she has diarrhea. My question is what is a way to keep their food separate so they don't get into each others food. I keep their dry food out all the time because they just kinda of eat at it throughout the day. I do have to keep it high up because my Catahoula always tries to eat it if its low enough to get. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should try to do?

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    give them each a can of what they can eat and watch them eat it, keeping them out of each other's food. And I would mix the two dry foods together and let them nibble on that during the day. Once their system gets used to the different food they should be ok.
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    Linda has good advice and that's what we do when we feed our cats...keep an eye on them. But for Jake I put him in the bedroom off the kitchen because he will try to eat everyone else's but his own special diet and then when he's in the bedroom it's nice and quiet so no one else can bother him.
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