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A poem that I came across but made me cry for all my pets I've lost over the years.

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    A poem that I came across but made me cry for all my pets I've lost over the years.


    We have a secret, you and I
    that no one else shall know,

    for who but I can see you lie
    each night in fire glow?

    And who but I can reach my hand
    before we go to bed
    and feel the living warmth of you
    and touch your silken head?

    And only I walk woodland paths
    and see ahead of me, your small form racing with the wind
    so young again, and free

    And only I can see you swim in every brook I pass
    and when I call, no one but I
    can see the bending grass

    -Author Unknown-
    “Save a life and save a stray”

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    Oh goodness, that's a beautiful piece. Thank you.

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    Thank you Esme, my tissue is in hand, thoughtful and lovely poem.

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    Just beautiful Esme. Gives me goose bumps .Soooo sad!

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    A very touching and insightful poem. Quite a few years ago when I was researching poems about pets passing over, I came across this one amongst others. Despite extensive searches all over the web, I could not trace the original writer. In some cases, sites put "Author unknown" when they haven't got the time to search out the writer. But in this case, it really is true. The author is indeed unknown.

    In a way, that makes the poem even more impressive. I like to think that the writer was concentrating on the message, and not on his/her own ego or copyright.

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