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Has your dog reacted badly to 'Cytopoint' injection (new anti-itch shot)

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    Has anyone taken legal action in regards to this cytopoint injection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max'sMom View Post
    Has anyone taken legal action in regards to this cytopoint injection?
    i have not, but i would really liek to. I feel there needs to be all of our stories and results compiled and made public knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srudd View Post
    My dog developed this exact same thing called imha where his immune system attacked his red blood cells- he was in the hospital for a week and had 4 blood transfusions. It came on quickly too. He is doing okay but itís been a long ( and expensive) journey. He had the cytopoint injection 3 weeks prior to this happening. I wondered if it was connected? Seems like there are a lot of others that encountered this same thing. Do you know if anyone has reached out to the company that makes cytopoint?
    Hi Srudd, how are things going now? Is your dog still on meds? What meds and doses? My dog has taken a turn for the worst. The meds are taking a real toll on his body, and it is not looking good for us. Itís been an 8 month battle and we are just not sure what to do

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    I just want to say how very sorry I am for all of you that have lost your dogs or struggling right now. I cried my eyes out reading all of these posts.
    HOWEVER, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You stopped me from making a huge mistake with my 4 year old German Shepherd. 2 days ago my vet wanted to give him this injection. I told him I needed to go home and research this drug. He wasn’t happy but I’m glad I did. Without all of you I might have put him on this drug.

    THANK YOU ALL. You are all saving many lives of our precious pets. I really want to strangle my vet. And I’m going to call and tell him what I think of this product.
    My story: we adopted our shepherd and renamed him Jerry Lee about a year ago. He came with Apoquel pills which he had been on since he was a puppy. He was aggressive and mean so I weaned him off this pill. He is now sweet, happy and so much fun. However his itching and biting is terrible. I found an online website called They have natural products to get rid of yeast infections but they get worse first and it takes a long time. He’s been on them for 8 months and he has good and bad weeks. He still wears a cone and boots when we leave him alone.

    It’s been a long hard road and he’s not through it yet. But you may want to check it out. They have helped many dogs and I’m still hopeful it will help mine. Once they get off medications and onto a healthy diet they start purging yeast. He’s still doing it. My vet said it’s definitely a yeast infection and he could smell it. Because of quality of life I almost gave in and tried this injection. But I do believe it’s almost out of his system. He had 6-7 weeks that were great and then began the same thing. If you try this it’s not a fast cure. The good news is it’s very health and immune system building. So if you give up you haven’t hurt your pet. You have made his immune system stronger to try something elde. Sorry this is so long. Good luck to everyone. Again THANK YOU ALL for saving my pets life along with many others. And if you want to go after the company, I’m with you.

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    For all the lost companions

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